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Welcome to our Media page,

the home of a variety of content, including informative videos, DIY print packs and radio talks with our Managing Director, giving you a closer look at what we do.

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Hear E-Bound Managing Director Angus Brown's BBC Radio 4 interview from 2022.

Full program and interview section are both below.

Angus Brown E-Bound AVX Managing Director interview on churches and metal theft in the county of NorfolkBBC Radio Norfolk
00:00 / 02:11
BBC Radio Norfolk - Lead Theft - Friday 29, April 2022BBC Radio Norfolk
00:00 / 29:37

The E-Bound Voice

March 2024 edition

The March edition of the E-Bound Voice is here! Featuring articles on the APPG report on UK metal theft,

E-Bound's 15 year anniversary and E-Bound's 2023 roof alarm saves.


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E-Bound Newletter

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Read E-Bound Managing Director Angus Brown's latest article on metal

theft in 'The Building Conservation Directory' Historic Churches Magazine

Special Report 29th Edition

Click the PDF icon to read the article online


E-Bound Self Print Pack

Our new self print pack gives you the option to download and print several important documents designed to help you deter potential metal theft.

The documents can be downloaded individually by clicking on the download buttons.

Warning Sign

Church metal theft zones

Defensive Planting

Self Risk


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See what E-Bound do and why we do it in the video below. This video shows the damage and cost caused to a church by being the victim of a lead theft.

E-Bound Alarms in action

Below you can view footage of E-Bound alarms in action, deterring would be trespassers and metal thieves. You can also see how quick it can be for someone to access your roof and then disappear from the scene.

A Zipped version of all four documents can be downloaded below.

You may need software such as winzip or winrar to unzip the file below.


Church Emergency Strategy Document

Download E-Bound's 'Church Emergency Strategy' document to help you complete a building emergency procedure. An example form has also been attached to the end of the document.

Follow the link below.

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Get a quote for bespoke church alarms by calling E-Bound AVX Ltd on:

01733 843341

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