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Church roof

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E-Bound AVX Ltd

Available to churches anywhere across the UK.

Bespoke solutions

Reducing criminal acts against churches

E -Bound AVX Ltd do not believe there is a "one-size fits all" or single product solution to the various threats our customers face and we recognise that each and every location has distinctive properties and must be protected in their own unique way.


In addition, we recognise that the most effective way to protect these locations is to prevent theft or damage occurring the moment an unauthorised intrusion occurs. For this reason we can deploy lighting and spoken alarms as well as real-time monitored solutions and live alerting of intruder detection in order to deter the perpetrators before significant crime is committed. 

lead sheeting
alarm control panel

Roof alarms

Our signature product is the E-Bound Roof Alarm.

We have designed this ourselves after years of development and customer feedback.

CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras remain one of the most effective deterrents against unwanted intruders. We have a wide range available to suit most budgets.

security camera
stained glass windows

Vestry cameras

E-Bound AVX Ltd can install vestry cameras for your church. As the vestry is the main route of access to your church, it provides constant surveillance so you can see when and who it is being accessed by.

Drone surveys

Before installing any alarm systems to your church roof, we always complete a comprehensive drone survey to ensure we understand the layout of your roof and how best we can provide protection.

church interior
Extended Warranty


Per year
ex VAT

Our extended warranty gives you peace of mind that if anything should go wrong with your church alarm systems, you will not have to pay additional fees to have it fixed.

Where quality endures

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