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Weymouth church graveyard wall damaged by motorist

A CHURCH warden says a congregation has been left 'upset' after a driver smashed into the wall of a church graveyard.

Damage to All Saints' Church graveyard wall on Wyke Road (Image: Hollie Carr)

"It was built in 1455 and is a building of significant historic importance.”

Mr Hepburn said the church community is ‘upset’ that no one has come forward and that it is expected repairs to the wall will cost thousands of pounds.

He added: “The costs of keeping the church building and grounds maintained and our running costs come from church members' regular contributions and fundraising, and we get no financial support from the government or central church.

"Facing a bill of several thousands of pounds to rebuild a wall is very unwelcome.

“It’s upsetting for the church and the congregation in Wyke that our wall should get damaged in an accident, and nobody contact us to provide their details and that of their insurance company, and just expect us to pick up the bill - I would urge those involved to come forward and contact me and provide their insurance details.

“It will be better than having to pass on the vehicle registration details we have and report that somebody has failed to provide their insurance details after causing damage in an accident.”

Police were called to the scene at around 6.18pm on Saturday, August 26 to a report of a two-vehicle crash on Wyke Road.

There were no serious injuries reported as a result of the crash.

No arrests have been made and the vehicles were moved off the road following the incident as recovery was arranged.

This is not the first time that damage has been done to the wall.

To contact Mr Hepburn phone: 01305 784649 or email:


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