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Holy Trinity Church Colchester to be opened as green space

A CHURCHYARD could be opened up and turned into a “green oasis” for residents to enjoy under new plans.

Historic - the churchyard of Holy Trinity Church could be transformed into a 'green oasis' (Image: Google)

The grounds of Holy Trinity Church in Colchester’s city centre have become overgrown and some of the trees have fallen into poor condition over the years.

But under £19.2 million Town Deal funding the space could become a quiet beauty spot for residents to enjoy.

Bosses at Colchester Council plan to allow daytime public use as an informal space where people can relax, while continuing to provide a habitat for wildlife.

The Gazette has been assured graves, including that of renowned physician and scientist William Gilberd, will not be disturbed or walked over during the works and following their completion.

The historic churchyard wall is also set to benefit from repair works in consultation with Historic England.

Earlier this year essential pruning was done to some of the site’s trees on the recommendation of tree experts.

A small number of the trees remain overcrowded or block access to the church, with the council claiming it has to axe five of the 23 rooted in the churchyard.

Careful - graves in the churchyard include renowned physician and scientist William Gilberd

A report detailed one tree is blocking a fire escape, three are struggling to grow and another is crowding out others around it.

Colchester Council leader David King said: “Green space and trees are greatly valued in Colchester. This revamp of Holy Trinity Square will allow nature to flourish in the heart of the city.

“The work done in Holy Trinity Square is the minimum possible to ensure safe access to and from the church, and to allow the other trees to grow healthily.

“This is an approach that retains the much-loved green and peaceful character of the churchyard and opens it up for residents to enjoy.

Vision - council boss David King has praised the plan

“Improving our public spaces is at the heart of the Town Deal projects and we can’t wait to share the results and open the garden next year.”

The tree work is being undertaken now to avoid bird nesting season, with the remainder of the landscaping due to be started later in the year.

Further information on the designs will be available in the summer amid public engagement on the scheme.


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