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Henley church's stained glass window smashed during break-in

Thieves have smashed a stained glass window at a parish church and stolen a haul of sacred vessels and cash.

A stained glass window was smashed when the church was broken into.

St Mary's Church, on Hart Street, Henley-on-Thames, was ransacked sometime after evening prayers on Sunday and early on Monday morning.

Rector, Father Jeremy Tayler, said the thieves made a lot of mess and caused "a fair bit of damage... Thank God no-one came to any harm."

The church said it would remain closed until further notice.

The church said most of its vessels had been taken, as well as cash collections from Sunday services

During the raid the church said its safes were also cracked open and metal tested to see if it was silver.

It added the cash stolen was from collections taken during services held on Sunday.

Thames Valley Police has urged anyone anyone with information about the break-in to come forward.

Members of the church have organised a JustGiving page to raise money to pay for repairs to the church and replace the stolen items.


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