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Bungling Cambridge burglar left birth certificate and prison ID at scene

He is now behind bars after targeting charity shops, a church and other businesses across the city

Terry Lewis (Image: Cambs Police)

Bungling burglar Terry Lewis left birth certificates and prison ID behind after targeting charity shops, churches and other businesses across Cambridge. The hapless crook also left behind DNA, footprints and plenty of CCTV images during his unsuccessful crime three-month spree - which often saw him leaving empty-handed.

During his one-man crime wave, the fumbling felon, aged 46, targeted a tanning shop in Chesterton High Street, an industrial Unit in Orwell Furlong, St Giles Church in Castle Street and RSPCA charity shop in Burleigh Street and came away with a church collection box and £25.

The bungling bandit also attempted to break into British Heart Foundation in East Road. He stole £330 in cash and approximately £5,000 in jewellery from North London Hospice in High Street, Barnet.

Now Lewis, of no fixed address, has been sentenced to a year in prison at Huntingdon Law Courts after previously pleading guilty to five counts of burglary and one attempted burglary. He also admitted a further nine burglaries which have been taken into consideration.

PC Ryan Parker, of Cambridgeshire Police, said: “Lewis is a prolific, opportunist burglar stealing to support his addiction whilst living homeless in the city. We hope the sentence provides some respite to businesses in the city affected by his offending.”


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