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Wyke Regis church secures £15,000 to fix damaged roof

A WEYMOUTH church has received £15,000 to help fix a roof that was in danger of blowing off.

All Saints Church in Wyke (Image: NQ)

The roof at All Saints Church in Wyke Regis, Dorset, is currently "at risk of lifting and being blown off", according to the church.

Interim measures of securing the cladding with sandbags have only been partially successful, with water and rain causing extensive damage to the building.

Failure to repair the roof and tackle the water damage threatens the roof structure of the Grade I listed building and could make the building unusable.

Thankfully, the church is to share in a £473,750 urgent funding pay-out from the National Churches Trust.

A £15,000 grant from the truist will help to pay for urgent roof repairs to ensure the church can stay open.

The church also receives a £5,000 Wolfson Fabric Repair Grant from the Wolfson Foundation, on the recommendation of the National Churches Trust.

Claire Walker, Chief Executive of the National Churches Trust, said: "I’m delighted that the National Churches Trust is able to support All Saints church with funding for urgent roof repairs.

"This will safeguard the unique heritage of this ancient and historic church and keep it open and in use for the benefit of local people.”

“Whether seeking quiet reflection, access to community services or a place to worship, the National Churches Trust helps hundreds of churches each year and with the support of local people, keeps them open and thriving.”

Anthony Shearman, Fundraising Volunteer at All Saints Church, said: “Having nearly exhausted our external fundraising options over the last two years All Saints was delighted to receive the generous National Churches Trust grant, which put us with touching distance of the total funds required.”

“By repairing the North Aisle roof, the problems affecting the areas under the roof will be removed – immediately increasing the church’s pew capacity.

"Also, it will allow us the opportunity to put the North Aisle to better use by designating spaces that can be safely and comfortably be used for activities, such as meetings, community events, and various outreach initiatives."

The funding will stop the damp in the North Aisle roof structures, North Aisle and North Nave walls by replacing the roof after rectifying all underlying design defects and previous faulty work.


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