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Vandals strike at Crediton Parish Church

The spray paint on a wall at Crediton Parish Church. AQ 2739 (Alan Quick, Crediton Courier)

THERE is concern in Crediton today, Tuesday, July 18, after vandalism was discovered at Crediton Parish Church.

Pink graffiti has been sprayed on a wall at the back of the church near the door to the bellringing chamber.

In addition, parts of a gravestone have been broken and were left strewn across a pathway.

Two pieces of the broken gravestone after being moved from the path. AQ 2738 (Alan Quick, Crediton Courier)

A local resident told the “Courier”: “What is it about people that they have to vandalise and spray paint other people's stuff? School holidays haven't even started yet.”

The incident has been reported to Crediton Police.

It is hoped that CCTV at the church might provide evidence of who has committed the vandalism.


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