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The Transformation of St. Margaret's Proceeds Apace

More funds needed to complete the Worth Project parish centre

Artist’s impression of Entrance to New Parish Centre. Picture: Ben Speedy

The church of St. Margaret’s in Putney is embarked on an ambitious project which aims to create a new parish centre and connect its existing buildings.

It was able to commence the work thanks to a substantial legacy from a former parishioner received in February 2020.

Elizabeth Worth was a longstanding member of the church community and had run a prayer group, helped with lunches and the social side of events and been a friend to many. It was therefore felt that the creation of a new Elizabeth Worth Parish Centre would be a fitting memorial to her.

The project also aims to deal with the lack of connectivity for the existing buildings - you cannot access the halls from the church, or access the halls independently, which means meaning fewer activities and less revenue.

The church itself is a vibrant social hub hosting a playgroup with up to 100 people, weekly recitals, a community lunch for up to 50 each week, as well a special events over the year attended by over 200.

It needs more social space and more lavatories and therefore the design for the parish centre provides linkages with the existing buildings, creates a new WC block, and an up to date kitchen.

A new glass roof will be place between the existing buildings

It is also intended to refurbish and extend the upper hall. This will provide a new front for the parish, complementing the church building with a contemporary, open glass front.

However, the money left by Elizabeth Worth is dwindling as the project progresses and will not be sufficient to complete the work. Rapidly rising construction costs including the price of materials has meant the parish is holding a series of fund raising events including quiz nights, recitals and a gala evening with Elvis.

Rising construction costs have used up the bequest


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