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Teacher Found Dead Inside Prestigious UK Prep School’s Church Hosting Nativity Play

'It was a horrible moment to discover a body,' the vicar who encountered the dead school teacher said

St. Matthew’s Church, BayswaterFlobbadob/Wikimedia

A 52-year-old school teacher at one of the U.K.’s most prestigious prep schools was found dead inside the church that hosted the school’s nativity play, according to local reports.

The Pembridge Hall School teacher – who has not been publicly identified – was found by Reverend Will Coleride at St. Matthew’s church in London on the morning of Dec. 5, the Telegraph reported.

“It was a horrible moment to discover a body,” Coleridge, a vicar of the church, told the news outlet.

Just four days prior to the discovery of the body, the elite prep school had posted pictures of its students in a nativity play hosted at the church on social media.

“Fortunately, none of the children were there at the time. It was grim, obviously, really grim. I mean these things are really horrible,” Coleridge told The Mirror.

The church was set to host the school’s Christmas Carol Concert, but the location has been moved, Coleridge told the Sun.

Police told the Telegraph that the death is being treated as “unexpected, but early inquiries do not indicate it is suspicious.” 

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