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Product upgrade due to telephone network changes

The UK’s fire and security industry is facing significant challenges that are already in motion. Many alarm signalling solutions rely on 2G and 3G to send signals to alarm receiving centres (ARCs). However, mobile operators are currently in the process of decommissioning these networks. The radio spectrum is being redeployed to better support 4G and 5G.

There has been talk in the industry of decommissioning 2G and 3G for some time. In December 2021, as part of its plans to enable a smooth transition to 5G, the UK Government announced that the networks would be phased out nationwide within ten years. However, the providers are free to choose when they end 3G and 2G services within this timeframe. Thus, the shutdown will happen long before that, with three of the UK’s four Mobile Network Operators – Three, Vodafone and EE – announcing they will all decommission their 3G networks by 2024 with EE closing their 3G network by 2023.

Used since 2003 to deliver calls, texts and data using older, less efficient technology, 3G (and ultimately 2G) is being switched off to make room for faster and more reliable 5G networks. The switch off may be problematic for customers using services that rely on these networks, meaning the device will need replacing. It is common practice for carriers to reduce coverage during transition periods, so services may be interrupted before the actual termination date.

Consequently, as the aim is to future-proof what is a significant investment for many customers, the only real option is to invest in products with 4G connectivity.

Switching from the older system to the new 4G platform is a simple process and one which E-Bound can facilitate. The process involves unplugging the existing unit and replacing it with a new 4G device and placing a test call to the ARC. There is no need for any other new equipment as has been designed to be backward compatible with our existing range of products.

As with any upgrade, it is natural that some will be deterred by the expense. To help make the transition smooth and cost-effective, E-Bound is offering a range of options allowing customers to control costs.

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