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Priest 'shocked and disappointed' as thieves steal cross from Doncaster church

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

A priest says she was left ‘shocked and disappointed’ after thieves broke into her church, making off with a cross and other items.

The Reverend Jacqui Jones discovered the break-in at St Mary’s Church in Stainforth on Saturday, with the raiders stealing the cross, a brass collection plate and a music system.

The cross has since been recovered, but the other items are still missing from the raid, which took place on Thursday.

Sharing details of the theft on social media, she said:

"We are feeling very shocked and disappointed that thieves chose to target our local church.

A brass cross was among items stolen from St Mary's Church in Stainforth. (Photo: Jacqui Jones).

"A place where our community meet before God weekly and at significant events in Stainforth families’ lives.

“A place where our whole community is prayed for, especially in their darkest and most vulnerable times.

“The free standing brass cross was taken which has been lovingly polished for generations by Stainforth folk.

“Our brass collection plate is also missing. The offerings so generously given in this plate have supported a myriad of charities down the years in remembrance of loved ones dearly departed.

“Also a portable music system has gone, purchased recently with a donation from a church member, for us to use in local nursing homes for services with the elderly.

“We are not a wealthy church. These items were prized more for their usefulness in our ministry and connection with generations of local families who have worshipped here, through joy and heartbreak.

“All the items are smart watered.

“If anyone in the community knows anything about where the stolen items may be, we would ask they endeavour to have them returned,

“In the meantime we will continue to pray for all in our community, especially those who feel so disconnected and far from God’s love that they would steal from the church.

She later added that the cross had been found, adding: “I’m pleased to say that some kind soul has recovered the cross which was stolen and returned it to me.

“The other items have not been found, but we live in hope.

“Thank you for all the words of support from members of the community and Facebook friends.

“With Jesus light in our lives, the darkness will never overcome.”


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