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Money taken from church shop's till and volunteer's purse at St Peter's in Sandwich

Volunteers at a church are angered and upset after money was stolen from its charity shop.

Police were called to St Peter's Church, in Market Street, Sandwich at 1.45pm on Tuesday following the theft.

The suspect is reported to have entered the building wearing a face mask and hat, and created a distraction - asking for items from a different room - before carrying out the crime.

He is alleged to have taken a total of £130 from the till at the charity shop within the church.

Victim of the theft, Margaret, says she remained cool and calm after she realised what had happened, but was angered that someone would steal from a charity.

She said: "The main victim here is the church, I just happened to be the poor sucker that he distracted!

"I’m just annoyed that some low life was able to come in and take money from a charity."

St Peter's is home to a large charity shop inside the building, with all profits going towards the church.

Annemarie Huigen, who runs the shop, told KentOnline that they would have been happy to help the man if he was in need.

"We have a fund where we can help people that need clothes, food, bedding and many other things," she explained.

"What’s so sad is that if someone needed money that desperately we could have helped them.

"This has all been very upsetting."

No arrests have yet been made and the investigation is ongoing.

A spokesman for police said: "Kent Police was contacted on the afternoon of Tuesday, January 17 and it was reported that, at around 1.45pm, a man had entered St Peter's Church in Market Street, Sandwich and stole cash and a credit card.

"Enquiries to establish the full circumstances of the incident are ongoing and anyone with information should call Kent Police on 01843 222289, quoting reference 17-0767."

An investigation has been launched into the theft at St Peter's Church in Sandwich

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