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E-Bound’s 12 Ghosts of Xmas – Day #7

Join us as we share our 12 Ghosts of Xmas taking us right up to December 23rd 2022. 12 Haunted churches from across the UK.

E-Bound’s 12 Ghosts of Xmas – Day #7

All Saints Church, Crondall, Hampshire

All Saints stands on the highest point in the small village of Crondall. Originally dating from the Norman period, it has been called ‘one of the finest parish churches in the country’ and also the ‘cathedral of North Hampshire’. The church was used as an ‘improvised defence’ during the civil war and figures dressed in attire matching Cromwellian troops have be witnessed in the grave yard. A solitary armoured Civil war soldier is also reportedly seen riding up to the church on horseback, with local residents reporting the sound of musket fire from time to time. A Skirmish did take place here with bullet holes still visible in the walls and the woodwork still displays the scars of blades used.

Photo Credit: julia&keld

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