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E-Bound’s 12 Ghosts of Xmas – Day #6

Join us as we share our 12 Ghosts of Xmas taking us right up to December 23rd 2022. 12 Haunted churches from across the UK.

E-Bound’s 12 Ghosts of Xmas – Day #6

St Mary's, Ashwell, Hertfordshire

The church dates almost entirely from the 14th Century, and is famous for its ornate tower that is crowned with an octagonal lantern. The church is also renowned for having medieval graffiti which is carved on the north wall of the west tower which highlights the plight of survivors of the bubonic plague pandemic known as the Black Death. Written in Latin the carvings translate to “1350 Miserable, wild, distracted 1350/The dregs of the mob alone survive to witness”. A headless ghost dressed in black has been reportedly been seen in the churches’ graveyard.

Video link Here

Examples of the medieval graffiti

Photo Credit: atlasobscura

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