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E-Bound’s 12 Ghosts of Xmas – Day #11

Join us as we share our 12 Ghosts of Xmas taking us right up to December 23rd 2022. 12 Haunted churches from across the UK.

St Mary's Church, Woodford, Northamptonshire

St Mary's Church was begun in the 12th century and has 13th,14th and 19th century features. The tower was complete by 1400. Inside the church can be found a couple of curiosities. Within a niche cut into a pillar, there is a mummified human heart wrapped in coarse cloth. This was discovered during restoration work in 1867 and is still on display today. There is also a framed newspaper cutting; this concerns a photograph of an alleged ghost taken in the church in 1964, by Gordon Carrol. The ghostly figure has been described as looking like a monk by the people who have witnessed its appearance and disappearance, but others believe that the ghostly figure captured in the 1964 photo could be that of a local born Knight, who died fighting in Palestine. Upon his death his friends brought the heart back to his home village, secretly burying it in a recess in the church wall. This photo is thought to be the only photo of its kind, supposedly showing the apparition at prayer.

Photo Credit:

The photo taken in 1964

The mummified human heart wrapped in cloth

For more haunted churches and historic church related content visit the Churches Conservation Trust YouTube channel and check out David Castleton's second lunchtime lecture 'British Churches: Creepy Artefacts & Spooky Tales' or click on the link below.

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