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E-Bound’s 12 Ghosts of Xmas – Day #1

Join us as we share our 12 Ghosts of Xmas taking us right up to December 23rd 2022.

12 Haunted churches from across the UK.

Name: Todmorden Unitarian Church

Location: Todmorden, Yorkshire

Completed in 1869, the church was built in honour of local mill owner and social reformer, John Fielden. In 1987 it was declared redundant and came under the Historic Chapels Trust. Although it still remains in the care of the trust, regular services have been held here since 2008. Paranormal activity reported includes disembodied voices, unexplained banging, shadow figures being seen as well as reports of people being scratched by unseen hands. Paranormal TV series Most Haunted visited the church in 2017 where they investigated both the building and graveyard.

Check out some videos of the church here:

For more haunted churches and historic church related content visit the Churches Conservation Trust YouTube channel and check out David Castleton's second lunchtime lecture 'British Churches: Creepy Artefacts & Spooky Tales' or click on the link below.

David's second Lunchtime Lecture Here

Photo Credit: Colin Green

Photo Credit: Tim Green

Photo Credit: TripAdvisor

Photo Credit: TripAdvisor

For more tales of the paranormal and church curiosities check out David Castleton's book

Church Curiosities 'Strange objects and bizarre legends', by David Castleton available from Shire Publications

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