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Don't Get Caught Out this Christmas

Thieves and Organised Gangs Still Operate During the Holiday

Already this festive period, E-Bound roof alarms have prevented the theft, loss and damage to two churches, after their roof alarms activated and the individuals fled the scene empty handed.

Uncommon knowledge is that E-Bound don’t just safeguard roofs, we have multiple services that potentially supervise all corners of your church, inside and outside including; Internal Alarms, CCTV, Vestry Cams, Scaffold Alarms and more.

We take the security and conservation of our churches seriously and have the means to do so.

The two videos below show how quick access can be gained to a church roof and then how quick the individuals can flee the scene.

It takes only one minute for the perpetrators to gain access to the roof, the alarm to activate and the individuals to leave the scene.

The second video shows the effectiveness of multiple security items. In this case along with a roof alarm the church have installed PIRs lighting outside the church along with the CCTV cameras.

Top Tips for Church Security this Christmas

1. Effective lighting is often not thought about, strategically placed motion sensor lights with short timers can be used to light up anyone that may be trespassing without aiding their activities and lighting the way for them.

2. SelectaDNA is a forensic marking aerosol, it is easily traceable for the police to secure convictions. We believe it is one of the best ways to help track church assets.

3. A Simple but effective tip is hiding or chaining bins out of view and inaccessible. If left out on view, they can be easily moved and used for roof access.

4. Encourage vigilance around the church. Have people drop by the church at random times, to check for anything unusual. Encourage anybody living in close proximity to the church to keep an eye out.

5. Ensure that any collection boxes or charity boxes are secured to the furniture they are on and are not able to be removed quickly.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, festive period and new year

from the E-Bound Team.

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