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Denbighshire church damaged after being struck by lightning

The strike left a hole in the front of the building and one person who lived nearby said he and his family were in "disbelief" after non-stop thunder for 45 minutes.

Hebron Church in Denbighshire was damaged by a lightning strike. Pic: Bradley Beazley

A church was damaged after it was struck by a bolt of lightning over the weekend.

The strike damaged the roof of Hebron Church in Rhewl, Denbighshire, and made a hole in the front of the building.

One person who lives nearby told Sky News he and his family were in "disbelief".

Fire crews from North Wales Fire and Rescue Service cordoned off the area due to structural damage.

Smoke was visible when crews arrived at the scene at 6.51pm on Saturday evening but there were no apparent flames.

The building was unoccupied at the time and the fire service contacted the owner to arrange an electrician and structural engineer.

The incident was under control by 8.44pm.


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