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Churches Conservation Trust - Lunchtime Lectures

Whoever said churches were dull and boring clearly hasn't been following our weekly lecture series. Our free lectures take place live every Thursday online, but you can catch up on every single one right here. Our lectures explore everything from art, architecture, history, politics to even some pretty weird and wonderful topics too! Explore and watch them all here.

Another video in our highlights from the CCT Lunchtime Lecture series.

This talk explores the carved cadaver memorials in England. It places them in their theological and vernacular religious context, as well as providing a little information on where they sit in relation to images of the dead in medieval culture, and their connection to the body. It also touches on how they may have been sculpted. A few of the examples that are explored in some detail and the two at Winchester Cathedral which conclude the talk. There are lots of images and the talk takes an inter-disciplinary approach to a very unusual form of English mortuary art. This talk is given by Dr Christina Welch, Senior Fellow in the Department of Theology, Religion and Philosophy at The University of Winchester. Dr Christina is a leading authority on late medieval carved cadavers, she recently developed a dedicated website exploring those found in England, Wales and Scotland dating from c. 1425 to 1558, as well as carved cadavers found in Ireland. Dr Christina is also the Programme Leader for the MA in Death, Religion and Culture at The University of Winchester. Our lectures are all free to watch, we hope that you like them and that you might consider making a donation to help us protect and care for our growing collection of historic churches.

Check out the full range of video lectures Here and Here

Stay tuned for more videos from the CCT in coming weeks.

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