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Churches Conservation Trust - Lunchtime Lectures #13

Whoever said churches were dull and boring clearly hasn't been following our weekly lecture series. Our free lectures take place live every Thursday online, but you can catch up on every single one right here. Our lectures explore everything from art, architecture, history, politics to even some pretty weird and wonderful topics too!

Another video in our highlights from the CCT Lunchtime Lecture series.

This weeks video: What Remains?: the Gory and gruesome history of the medieval cult of relics

In medieval Europe, relics of dead martyrs were the ultimate must-have, venerated by princes and paupers alike. And the associated market for them was big business; a huge industry with an infrastructure to match. Crumbling bone, ravaged human hair, withering chunks of flesh, and the blood-soaked garb of martyrs, apostles and holy family were considered to have the greatest power—with, year upon year, faithful pilgrims flocking to parish churches and cathedrals in droves to visit the most powerful relics, in the hopes of their healing power or a miracle. Even those considered “fakes” could become “real” if they suddenly performed. And so many have a rather gruesome history. Here, Dr Emma J Wells delves into the black market for holy heirlooms…

Check out the full range of video lectures Here and Here

Stay tuned for more videos from the CCT in coming weeks.

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