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Churches Conservation Trust - Lunchtime Lectures

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Whoever said churches were dull and boring clearly hasn't been following our weekly lecture series. Our free lectures take place live every Thursday online, but you can catch up on every single one right here. Our lectures explore everything from art, architecture, history, politics to even some pretty weird and wonderful topics too! Explore and watch them all here.

Another video in our highlights from the CCT Lunchtime Lecture series.

This weeks video focuses on Concealed Objects in Churches: Dead cats, Witch Bottles & Shoes...

In this lecture Brian Hoggard will discuss the practice of concealing objects in buildings, something which was used to ward off evil influences. These practices are well known in secular buildings but it isn’t so widely known that it also occurred in churches. Objects like concealed shoes, dried cats, horse skulls and other animal bones, written charms and concealed bottles were just a part of the range of objects which have been recovered. Brian Hoggard is an independent researcher who has been working on the archaeology of magical house protection since the late 1990s. He has a website at and a book on the topic which was published by Berghahn Books in 2019.

You can buy this book on our website:

Check out the full range of video lectures Here and Here

Stay tuned for more videos from the CCT in coming weeks.

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