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Dear Angus

I just wanted to let you know that the Police told us recently that the person whose image was picked up on various CCTV cameras here on 31st March last year pleaded guilty to theft and was sentenced to three years' imprisonment.

Clearly the equipment you installed was crucial to identification of the offender concerned, as was the assistance you gave us after the incident in providing still and moving images to the Police.

Although the property stolen from the Rectory on this occasion was unfortunately not recovered, it is heartening to have the value of the CCTV equipment so effectively demonstrated, as indeed it was also in recording another theft from the church on 5 November 2009.

With best regards,


— Phil Manning,
Church Manager, St Olave’s Church

Thanks Angus, When I have a specified completion date for the roofing works I will let you know and we’ll set up a date for you to carry out the installation.

Thank you again for your consistent level of professionalism on this. If the Badley alarm works well we will want to think about other churches where this type of security might be appropriate. I think I’ve asked you this before but do you work all over the country?



— Dr Neil Rushton, BA (Hons) MA Ph.D MIfA FSA FRHistS ,Conservation Manager   , The Churches Conservation Trust