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What we offer

We do not believe there is a 'one-size fits all', or single product solution to the various threats our customers face, and we recognise that each and every location has distinctive properties and must be protected in their own unique way.  In addition, we recognise that the most effective way to protect these locations is to prevent theft or damage occurring the moment an unauthorised intrusion occurs.  For this reason we can deploy lighting and spoken alarms, as well as real-time monitored solutions and live alerting of intruder detection, in order to deter the perpetrators before significant crime is committed.


All buildings receive a bespoke survey, this enables us to provide the system that will best suit your buildings needs.

Leasing an Alarm

Raising funds for an alarm system can be difficult and this is why we have created a scheme whereby you can have the protection you need now and pay for it over time. Asset finance is a very flexible way of raising funds and the advantages include enabling the church to preserve precious cash reserves and offers the flexibility of the repayment period being matched to the budget. In addition, we can structure the lease to include additional benefits such as servicing of equipment, meaning there will be no capital outlay, save for the monthly payments for the first two years. In short, it means you will be able to make the decisions to protect the roof of the church based upon your needs and not limited by constrained budgets. For more information, please call today on 01733 843341

For more information on e-bound alarm systems please either use the contact forms or alternatively Tel: 08444936075