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About Us

E-Bound is engaged in technology development and the creation of new products based on visual and infra-red related technology, such as intelligent detectors, battery and power management and camera technology.  Our combined experience is in intruder detection technology, specialist photography, covert surveillance, digital communication and the marketing of those skills spans several decades, and we keep a narrow focus on what we are good at. 

The company specialises in roof alarm protection for churches in the UK. We have been established for the last six years, and installed over 500 alarm systems across the country.  We are one of three roof alarm companies who are endorsed by Ecclesiastical insurance. Installing one of our roof alarms on your church may increase the pay out in event of an attempted theft or theft from your church.

We recognise the unique challenges presented by the need to protect locations and assets and we offer a unique service designed to protect such locations and protect items stored or in use there.

For more information on e-bound alarm systems please either use the contact forms or alternatively Tel: 08444936075