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Ecclesiastical up cover on protected roofs

As you may be aware last year Ecclesiastical undertook a series of listening exercises when we met with parish and diocesan representatives in a number of Dioceses throughout the country to hear their views on the issues they faced and how we may be able to assist. These discussions have continued and have included key members of various committees of the Church of England. You can view the new level of cover on our news page

The company that insures almost all Anglican church buildings has warned that it may have to stop offering full insurance against the risk of metal theft.

But churches also installed "Voice of God" roof alarms late this year, hoping to scare away potential thieves. According to the Anglican Communion News Service, the alarms may have worked: Theft claims were down 60 percent after the alarms were installed. read more ...

Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc shone at the British Insurance Industry Awards on the 3rd July when they won the award for the Risk Management Initiative of the Year for their Hands Off Our Church Roofs campaign. Read Article...

Lead theft on the rise

Lead thefts have been on the rise again recently. Churches with lead roofs should consider installing a roof security system approved by their insurers. Such systems have been shown to reduce the likelihood of theft to almost zero. They do not require a faculty (they are on "List B") and cost as little as £2,500. For more information contact your insurance company - EIG's web link is below. Once your proposal is ready, send it to the DAC office for approval by the Archdeacon.

Ecclesiastical roof security

E-bound Brings in new Leasing option for alarms - 19th March 2014

Raising funds for an alarm system can be difficult and this is why we have created a scheme whereby you can have the protection you need now and pay for it over time.  Asset finance is a very flexible way of raising funds and the advantages include enabling the church to preserve precious cash reserves and offers the flexibility of the repayment period being matched to the budget.  In addition, we can structure the lease to include additional benefits such as servicing of equipment, meaning there will be no capital outlay, save for the monthly payments for the first two years.  In short, it means you will be able to make the decisions to protect the roof of the church based upon your needs and not limited by constrained budgets. read more...

Ecclesiastical Insurance scoops prestigious awards for its ‘Hands Off Our Church Roofs!’ campaign

Since the start of 2007 leading church insurer, Ecclesiastical has received over 11,000 theft of metal claims from churches, costing more than £28 million.

At the end of 2011 we decided that “enough was enough” and invested £500,000 in a programme to install E-Bound roof alarms, on some of the UK’s most vulnerable churches. Under a simple campaign banner, ‘Hands off our church roofs!’ Ecclesiastical worked with E-Bound to install the alarms and then encouraged other churches to visit and see for themselves how effective a roof alarm could be. read testimonial...